Nadiya Nottingham in Madison, WI June 11th!

April 26, 2017


Solstice Power~ Agni~Inner Fire~ Shamanic Teachings From Celtic Elements

Summer Solstice is traditionally acknowledged by lighting fires to “strengthen the Sun,” in other words we connect to the Sun’s magnanimous gifts of growth, passion, strength, determination and love.  The Sun is Heart Chakra, lighting our heart fire, setting intention for bold life steps.

In this workshop we will:

  • Begin with setting an intention for what each participant would like to alight or re-kindle at this potent time of the year.
  • Write it Down.  Writing puts our prayers into the form of matter, the paper transforms the words from Air to Earth.
  • Placing the prayer on the altar puts our intentions into the community.
  • Journeying together.  Guided by Nadiya with drumming and the Celtic art of storytelling you will be taken through a landscape of re-newing your story.  Animating what lies dormant for maximum creativity and healing the past and present.  Connecting with Ancestor teachers, Animal Guides and Nature Elements.
  • Following the Journey we journal and take time to sit and meditate on what your visions have brought.
  • Nadiya will help each participant to find deeper meaning from the visions and inspirations which come through the work.

Breaks in class will be enhanced with Qigong and moving meditation mudras for ultimate integration.


Bring a journal, pen and be ready to compost the old and plant new seeds!

Creating An Altar For Abundance~Manifesting In All Seasons

Each season of the year corresponds to a direction on the compass, a Direction on the Sacred Wheel of Life and their associated elements and energies: summer is in south with fire and love, autumn is in west with water and healing, winter is in north with rock/mountain and ancestors, spring is in east with air and new beginnings. Sky is the Great Mystery, Grandmother Earth is abundance and manifesting, and the True Self/Heart is realization and acknowledgement.


An altar reflects either the outer elements or what one is presented with on any given day or time of year. It can be a powerful ally which over time becomes like a trusted friend.  Making your own altar will enhance your life on many levels seen and unseen.


We will also discuss how to make an Ancestor altar for loved ones who’ve passed or teachers, saints and sinners whose path in life and beyond is now potentially transmitted to us through the ether and stars.

Breaks in class will be enhanced with Qigong and moving meditation mudras for ultimate integration.


Bring a couple of sacred objects to put on the altar.  Water in a non-plastic container and a small stone.   People of all faiths and walks of life and gender welcome!


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