Practical Pranayama-4 Breathing Techniques To Enhance Your Yoga Practice & Emotional Wellbeing with Zach

February 9, 2017
Pranayama: Prana means life force or energy that sustains the body and senses; Ayama translates as “expansion.” Together pranayama means “expansion or control of energy”, often done through practical breathing exercises.
Whether you’re an intermediate yoga practitioner or a beginner, having a better understanding of your breath will take your yoga practice–and mental and emotional wellbeing–to new heights. You will learn pranayama techniques that relieve stress and anxiety, calm your nerves, focus your attention and strengthen your resolve. In this workshop you will learn how to breath with ease and how to use the breath to live a healthy, happy life. Specifically, the workshop will include:*  An invigorating yoga practice that blends breath, movement and pranayama techniques
*  Relaxed diaphragmatic breath training to help relieve stress, deepen the breath and relax your body and mind
*  2 to 1 breathing exercise to help relieve anxiety
*  Ujjayi pranayama builds energy and focuses the mind during yoga practice
*  Alternate nostril breathing is a key practice that calms anxiety, relaxes the mind and prepares for meditation
*  A practical plan to utilize these techniques at home

Sunday March 5th 1-3pm @ Kula Cottage Grove!! Sign up here:

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