The Dog Days Of Summer

July 31, 2017
Happy August Yogis!
The Dog Days of summer have arrived and summer is quickly zooming into Fall.  I hope that you are enjoying the sun (when we see it!) and avoiding the mosquitoes.  Don’t forget, Kula is temperature-controlled and mosquito-free, so come in and take some time to slow down and breathe in deep!  Our most current schedule is always online, so come to your favorite go-to class, or try something new, but whatever you choose, come and yoga with us.
One of my favorite quotes of all time (paraphrased from the great fashion designer Channel as well as the wildly talented musician Branford Marsalis) is:
” There’s no freedom in freedom.  There’s freedom in structure.”
We need our routines, the parameters, the knowns in our lives in order to be safe to experience and explore the world around us.  If you were craving the open days of summer vacation with your kids and family, and now are counting the moments until the “routine” of school returns, then you know exactly how I feel!
See you on the mat soon yogis, and let’s find the freedom in our flow.
Big Love –
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