What is Unnata® Aerial Yoga?

April 27, 2016
Unnata® Aerial Yoga gives us a way to support our bodies in a way that you cannot in a floor practice.  This style allows for deeper opening and support in more advanced yoga poses.  The restorative nature mixed with strength-building and playfulness is a one-of-a kind experience.  Using the fabric as a prop (similar to a strap of block in a floor class), we take the weight of our bodies off of itself, allowing for more supported freedom of movement.  Since Unnata® aerial uses pulling to lift the body, instead of pushing into the ground like in floor yoga, we balance out our muscles by using them in a different way and accessing muscles not utilized in a floor practice.  The hammock also holds the body to allow for release into the neck and spine, often alleviating chronic tension and tightness very quickly.  Aerial savasana (final resting pose) while completely inside a hammock cocoon is one of the most favored times, no matter the intensity of the class.  We offer Restorative and yin-based aerial classes as well as All-levels aerial and Aerial Fitness Classes.  We have a special program for tween yogis  ages 10-15 and also offer regular workshops and both tweens and adult aerial parties.  Unnata® Aerial is a great. balanced practice on its own, or as a compliment to floor yoga or other fitness activities as well.
For safety  and space, aerial classes are limited to 10 people maximum.  Also, space needed per hammock is great, so there are limitations on how many silks can fit into a studio.  Also, again for safety – two teachers are often present for aerial classes to add extra support and assistance as needed.  Aerial yoga is included in our unlimited memberships and there are also separate class passes just for aerial classes.  Most people who practice floor yoga at Kula have at least taken the prerequisite Aerial Basics Class and many continue to build a regular aerial practice, with or without an accompanying floor practice.
By Becky Petersen-Owner
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