Yoga For Beginners.

December 28, 2016
Join Kaila for a two-part workshop series designed just for beginners! The practice of yoga can be complex, so let’s break it down from the start. Over our two sessions together we’ll begin building the foundation of a strong asana (posture/pose) practice as well as other important facets of yoga like pranayama (breathwork) and use of props in practice. We’ll also explore the meditative aspects of yoga!

Session One: Sun Salutes & Warriors
We’ll move through a beginner version of Surya Namaskar A – the foundational sequence of many yoga practices. We’ll also begin breathing deeply and take a look at Warrior Poses (that will eventually be paired with Sun Salutes) to get your standing posture practice started. All levels welcome!

Session 2 is scheduled for Sunday, February 5th 1-3pm in Cottage Grove. Sign-Up for both to get the best beginner’s experience! Both at our Cottage Grove studio.


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